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1 on 1 Sessions

Private retreat/Tailor-made group retreat

Year round / Dates upon request

Central Portugal

mushroom retreat center sunset in nature

For those who wish to have an experience with psilocybin mushrooms in a context that allows for more privacy and flexibility, we offer 1 on 1 sessions year-round in Portugal.

Private sessions can be beneficial for those who prefer having undivided care and attention from their guide. Newcomers to psychedelic journeying, those who have a more serious history of mental health challenges, or individuals who may feel they are likely to get distracted in a group setting may benefit from the sense of individual focus that these sessions bring.

During the preparation and integration day, you will have the chance to unpack your intentions, expectations, hopes and fears with your guide, and will receive personalised guidance on how to set yourself in a mindframe most conducive to the healing you came to seek.

The private setting also allows for a more fluid approach to the ceremonial work: one major difference is that while group ceremonies are carried out in noble silence, one-on-one work allows verbal interaction, prompting, reflection and note taking. This means that private sessions can be indicated for individuals wanting to dive into specific or sensitive topics with the assistance of their guide. Personal rituals, moments of somatic or vocal release, or times of connection with nature can also be weaved into the ceremony, and the preparation and integration support is completely personalised.

Finally, attending a private retreat with a partner, close friend of family member can be an opportunity for to share a deeply meaningful moments of connection and healing with the people we love.

Typically, the work during a private session unfolds over 
three days

Day 1

Arrival and orientation | nature walk | preparation and intention setting

Day 2

Mindfulness practice | preparation and guided ceremony

Day 3

Ceremony debrief & integration | wrap up

Longer stays to allow for more time for relaxation, connection with nature and therapeutic work are also possible. A private retreat with 2 ceremonies over 5 or 6 days can also be organised based on your needs. Individuals who have never worked with psilocybin mushrooms before, or people coming to work on specific issues may benefit from the opportunity to sit twice with the medicine. Our guides are also here to provide phonecall preparation and integration support.


We offer our private retreats in several rented locations throughout Portugal, where we have developped friendly relations with the owners of the accomodation, who understand and support our work. The beautiful natural environment and quality facilities of the locations we offer our private sessions in are often one the the highlights of the experience for our participants. The pictures above are from a center where we run most of our private sessions, in the mountains of the Serra da Estrela.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to have more information regarding private retreats, or if you wish to have a retreat specially organised for you or for a group, we would be happy to hear from you!

Please get in touch with us at or use our contact form here.

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