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Coração Medicina

Our Values & Vision

Coração Medicina

Mushrooms may show us the way, but ultimately it is always up to us to walk the path.

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We wish to offer psychedelic experiences that are affordable without compromising on the quality of support

At Coracao Medicina we welcome those who have the courage to show up for themselves and dive into their psyche. Our values are built around connection, safety, and trust. We are here to create an environment that is free of judgments and expectations, an environment that makes each individual feel safe, understood and valued, where emotions can arise and healing can occur. During your journeys, we are not here to guide or direct, but simply hold space for you as the mushrooms do their work.

We understand that we are not professional psychotherapists, doctors or traditional healers. We are simply seasoned journeyers and experienced spaceholders that wish to share this medicine in a healing and respectful environment. Our approach is evidence-based, grounded in the latest research and best practices, and informed by our experience with our teachers and by indigenous worldviews. 

We also warn that plant medicines are not a magic bullet to solve mental health issues. They may show us the way, but ultimately it is always up to us to walk the path. Our vision for working with psilocybin mushrooms is to support you in your journeys so that you feel empowered to connect with your ability to heal from within.

We are heart-centred, service oriented individuals who believe that these medicines are immensely valuable tools for humanity to gain a better understanding of the self and carry tremendous potential as teachers and healers. Walking the path of integrating the insights received during a psilocybin mushroom session has the potential to help many. From those with mental distress to people going through grief, from burnout to existential dread, or simply for the curious looking for expansion and transcendence, plant medicines can play an important role in our growth and our relationship with consciousness.

We wish to to provide for those looking for a psychedelic experience with a space where they can encounter mushrooms safely and intentionally, with the respect they deserve and with thorough personal support and compassionate care. We wish to offer psychedelic experiences that are affordable for all without compromising on the quality of support, and to create a sense of community where the moments we share will remain as meaningful memories of connection, new insights, and nurturing of oneself and each other.
In a world where psychoedelics are becoming increasingly appropriated by medical and for-profit institutions, we strive to maintain our underground spirit and our connection to the magic of mushrooms: incorporating music, ritual and prayer in our acknowledgment that we are only able to do this work because of all the traditions that kept these medicines sacred before us. 

We also strive to be inclusive and to create a safe space for people of all background, including people of various faiths, sexual identities, disability status and ethnicities. When you join us on a retreat, you become part of the family, and we are looking forward to sharing with you all the warmth, joy and love we carry in our hearts.

Thank you for considering us to support you on your healing journey. We would be honoured to serve you.

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