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Microdosing & Integration

Online Microdosing Programme

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Coracao Medicina is teaming up with Lisa, lifecoach and educator in order to bring to life something we envisioned for a while: a comprehensive, fully supported online microdosing programme.

While our deep dive retreats can bring about powerful shifts in consciousness and healing, we often felt like we wanted to offer more long lasting support to our participants. Microdosing can be an effective way to cultivate mindfulness, creativity, improved mood and enhanced focus to our daily lives, integrating further the work done on retreat, or setting the ground for joining one of our in-person programmes. Here, we offer an online container to help you connect deeper with yourself with the help of mushroom microdoses and live professional support.

With this 2 months online coaching course, you will receive all the necessary guidance to set up your own microdosing routine and to develop a toolkit of inner skills for personal growth, building a foundation for a more intentional, heart centered version of yourself.

What to expect ?

Guidance on sourcing and using a two month’s supply of mushroom microdoses, including a complete information pack, dosage recommendation and support in finding the “sweet spot” for optimal results.

Personalised guidance on establishing the right microdosing protocol for you and finding your "sweet spot".

Weekly coaching calls for 2 months, covering a range of topics from emotional integration and parts work to working with intention and living a more empowered, heart-centered life. 

Access to a wealth of online material including articles, guided meditations and exercises to practice and reflect in your own time between coaching calls.

A supportive container to deepen the ongoing integration of previous plant medicine experiences, or a useful way to prepare for joining a retreat.

A programme which you can follow in your own time, with flexible hours and fully personalised attention.


620 euros

Do you want to join us?

You can contact us using our contact form here or by sending us an email at to speak with the facilitators or to receive a more detailed description of the programme’s schedule and the content of the course.

We will be happy to hear from you !

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