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Nature Quest

Nature Quest

22-28th of July 2024

Serra da Estrela mountains in Central Portugal

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For those who wish to challenge themselves to a complete immersion into nature, we open a nature quest for a small group of 6, based on the native American practice of vision questing. In a vision quest, people stay in a secluded spot in nature for several days with limited food and water, in order to pray, strenghen their spirit and to come to hear the voices of the Earth again. We are combining this practice with preparation, integration, and two mushroom ceremonies: a group ceremony in our big tipi tent, and a self-led session during your quest in nature.

What is included?

7 days of camping in a secluded private land by the side of a clear river, back to the roots !

3 days and 3 nights of questing, by yourself in nature, with support from our team.

1 group mushroom ceremony in our tipi tent, and one self led mushroom session dring your quest.

One on one consultation before the ceremony to bring personalised therapeutic support and individualised dosage recommendations.

Shamanic practices such as drum journeywork, prayers and offerings to the land and walking the labyrinth, to deepen and support your process during your time with us, offered by Suze. 

Delicious, home-cooked vegan buffet meals served twice a day outside of questing days by our dear friend Tiff.

Plenty of personal attention from our team of 3 experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds and skills.

Personalised guidance on preparation and integration via one on one consultations before and after the retreat and a group integration call, as well as a preparation and integration resource pack.

A nature adventure you will not forget, and a sense of courage and autonomy from learning to use mushrooms by & for yourself !


800 euros

Do you want to join us?

Get in touch with us for more detailed information, preparation support and to make a booking! We take the time to have at least one preparation call with all of our retreat participants.

Send us an email at, or use our contact form here.

An Immersion into Nature...

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