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mushroom retreat in Portugal

Womb Medecine retreat for women

Womb Medecine retreat for women

23rd - 29th of September 2024

Serra da Estrela, Central Portugal 

mushroom retreat center in nature in Portugal

As a women-led project, at Coracao Medicina we have always felt at home in women spaces, getting together in a circle that feels safe and magical, a space where topics related to our femininity can be processed and healed.
We also believe in the power of mushrooms to empower our feminine essence, to connect with our creativity and come into greater embodiement, love and joy.
So, we have created a programme to tune into, honour, celebrate our womanhood: from connecting to the wombspace for greater intuition and creativity to discussing sexuality, maternity and coming of age, to awakening to our voice, we believe in the syngergy that is weaved between mushrooms and sisterhood. 
For the first time, we are bringing together renowned facilitators to create a weeklong immersion into the female body, voice and spirit in this special women retreat, creating a safe and loving space for the mushroom sisterhood ! 

What is included?

7 days of accomodation in a beautiful natural setting, in private rooms or shared bell tents in a secluded forest

A rich programme with daily workshops in breathwork, movement, and practices to dive into the female anatomy and the energy it carries led by our friend and talented facilitator Susy Nana

Daily practices in voice activation, singing and creativity led by Sofia Vitoria, professional singer and voice coach

Two mushroom ceremonies in a cosy female space, to heal and connect with ourselves, grow in sisterhood and celebrate our voices

Personalised attention prior, during and after our retreat, through our intake and integration calls and individual consultations during the retreat.

A small retreat made with love and striving to create more love, in a spirit of service and community!


Shared twin bell tent - 950 euros
Private bell tent - 1100 euros
Shared room - 1250

Private Room - 1350 euros

Do you want to join us?

Feeling the call ?
Get in touch with us for more detailed information, preparation support and to make a booking! We would be happy to hear from you.

Send us an email at, or use our contact form here.

A peaceful place in the mountains, full of womb magic ! 

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